Tiger Company Ltd

Tiger is a leading manufacturer of high quality buffet ware and multi-purpose trolleys headquartered in S. Korea with production sites both in Seoul Korea and Tianjin China. With the 20,000 sqm of factory and show room in Tianjin.

Tiger made history in the early 1980s when Mr. M. Y. Chang, Chairman of Tiger, founded Daijin Enterprise to manufacture service trolleys in a small workshop in South Korea. Daijin’s modern service trolleys were quickly sought after restaurants and hotels. Growing from this heritage, Tiger was founded in 1996 and began to export. Tiger built a factory in Tianjin China in order to explore the growing Chinese market and to mass-produce products in 2001 and in 10 years it was expanded to 20,000 sqm of factory, warehouse, show room and office. With the opening of a design centre in Italy in 2005, making Tiger products became a truly global affair. Italian designers work with Korean engineers and the projects are realized as products in the newest and modern Chinese production.

Main Product Ranges

Buffet ware, Cutlery and Multi-purpose Trolleys