Spring International GmbH

Two brothers, one passion: good food for body and soul. Therefore, Arthur and Hermann Spring are burning when they establish the company in Switzerland in 1946. Spring Switzerland’s aim has always been to help our customers create authentic, stylish, creative cuisine. From pans and woks to fondue sets, Spring makes perfectly finished cookware with unique materials to satisfy even the most demanding chef. And the standards of professional chefs also set the standard for Spring’s home products.

Main Product Ranges


Stainless Steel cookware; 5-layer multi-ply cookware paired with silicone-coated; Stainless Steel cookware with glass lids; Copper-plated Stainless Steel Induction cookware; Abrasion-resistant Non-stick Coating Pans; Ceramic Non-stick Coating Pans; Cut Resist Non-stick Coating Pans; Aluminum Non-stick Coating Pans; Uncoated Pans; Sand-blasted Steel Pre-use Coating Pans with Iron Handle; Tajine; Wok; Cleaners;

Table Top Cooking

Cooling and Heating Plate; Carving Station; Induction Units;

Front Cooking

Induction Chafing Servers and inserts (Round and Square); Mini Induction Servers; Professional Servingware; Buffet Display Risers; Table Bowl Displays;

Buffet System

Convertible Buffet System; Window Chafing Dishes; Stackable Chafing Dish Stations; Rondo Roll-top Chafing Dishes; Eco Chafing Dishes; Heating Units;