Jackstack International NV

For more than 25 years we are selling plate racks all over the world. The fast serving and storage system is helping many chefs with their operation in a busy kitchen. Lack of space is big problem in professional kitchens. The patented JACKSTACK® plate racks possible to stack plates, of any size, from 12 up to 104 plates. Different arm spacing allow covered and non-covered dishes. With using the JACKSTACK® plate racks you will be able to prepare dishes in advance, so pressure with your kitchen staff can be secured at a lower level. You will save labor, space and time!

The JACKSTACK® plate racks are all made up of a welded steel construction. The black electrostatic powder coating finish, which is scratch and rust resistant, is FDA and NSF approved. The JACKSTACK® plate racks, when used properly, only need a regular washing, and no further particular maintenance. Installation takes only minutes; no bolts or tools needed.

All JACKSTACK® products are manufactured in the European Union (Sweden).

Main Product Ranges

Master Plate Rack Trolley