Cal-Mil Plastic Products, Inc.

Since 1965, Cal-Mil has been the go to company for foodservice professionals looking to enhance their displays and food presentations. From merchandising to breakfast buffets, Cal-Mil can do it all! As demonstrated over the years, the use of various sustainable materials, modern style, and innovative product design have kept us at the forefront of the industry. We hope to serve as not only a resource, but an inspiration, to help guide your ideas into awe-inspiring presentations.

Main Product Ranges


Accent Bowls Displays; Bar & Mixology Displays; Bread Displays; Case Displays; Melamine Displays; Risers Displays; Merchandiser Displays;


Beverage Dispensers; Cereal and Snack Dispensers; Topping Dispenser; Portion Control Powder Dispensers;


Condiment & Packet Displays; Cup & Lid Organizers; Flatware Displays; Straw & Toothpick Organizers;

Cold Displays

Cold Concept; Ice Carvings; Ice Housings; Ice Scoops & Holders; Mirror Displays; Salad Displays & Sneezeguards; Yogurt & Ice Cream;

Hot Displays

Carving Station; Heating Lamp; Chafer Alternative; Stove Frame; Induction Frame; Roll-Top Cover; Dome Cover;

Text Displays

Chalkboard Displays; Signage Displays; Write-On Displays;

Serving Items

Beverage & Serving Carts; Room Service & Amenities; Serving Boards; Serving Stones; Covers & Trays;